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Todd S Jenkins ‘All About Jazz’ review (USA) ‘Something Serious’

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One of the best jazz fusion progressive trios from Australia. The debut CD “Something Serious” features Clyde Robert Schipke on guitar, Brad Wenham on bass guitar, Scott Dean on drums/percussion. This is highly original music done with impeccable taste. AbstractLogix USA


Incredible unison work a la Al DiMeola’s Race With Devil on Spanish Highway from Brisbane-based Indaba who are Clyde Schipke (guitar), Brad Wenham (bass) and Scott Dean (drums). Each is clearly an excellent musician in their own right, but put them together and something serious does happen. Intense, earnest explorations into jazz rock’s rawer side with superb rhythmic punctuation and a bluesman’s sense of “taking it home”. That’s not to say Indaba don’t stretch out – they do – they just don’t noodle. Basically, Rush (for the song choruses) and latter day Scott Henderson fans are going to love this album. I’m thinking more of VTT2 with Victor Wooten and Steve Smith, than say Tribel Tech’s Rocket Science. The guitar has that later Henderson blues earnestness without being shrill. Scott Bosley gets an acknowledgement in the liner notes, and having heard how much Scott likes progressive rock/jazz fusion he’s going to like this a lot. He has impeccable taste.Review Centre USA

What is the formula for hot jazz fusion? Add one seriously played guitar, 
(Clyde Schipke), to one tight and fluid bassist, (Brad Wenham), and 
surround the sound with percussive spice of polyrhythmic furor, (Scott 
Dean). Adjust guitar voicings to a classic ‘70s tube-crunch and overdriven 
with howling chops galore. Have this riffage assail all solos with abandon 
yet technical focus and pleasing musicality. Avoid well-worn patterns and 
use novel bass phrasings and engaging back beats. Let drums freely stretch 
with a Tony Williams flair and bounce. Toss in a few meandering slow 
cuts for day-dreamy pause and clarity of tone. Return quickly to fiery 
songs and rip it up again after measured balladic breaks. Now that is a 
recipe for fusion.
Crunch, punch, phat fusion reigns supreme and comfortably with 
Indaba! These guys know how to jam. Experience this impressive debut 
release of that power trio magic. Their tunes and voicings call to mind the 
should-be legendary but unknown jazz rockers, 3PM of Raleigh, NC, 
USA. Indaba has brought this reviewer a nostalgic delight. Recommended 
fusion for all you collectors and fans. ~ John W. Patterson, EER-  USA

It seems as though the Australian fusion scene continues to bring out some of the very best in the world, what with recordings like On the Virg, Loose Change (both bands that featured Planet X drummer Virgil Donati), Sam Aliano (yet another drumming sensation), Indaba, Deluc, Frank Gambale, Brett Garsed, Ric Fierabracci, Chris Brooks, etc., these alone show that the Australian scene is setting new standards for focused fusion music that far exceeds the wealth of jam oriented superstar sessions that are getting major distribution and press.  MJ Brady review: Prognosis 2002

Indaba achieves a recognizable individuality through a unified melodic approach and tasteful use of odd meters… Indaba presents an interesting grouping of musicians who readily show that they can play in the manner required for this unusual fusing of jazz and rock influences. Highly enjoyable. Greg Fisher, Jazz Views, Three D FM, Adelaide 2000

Indaba is one of the best fusion band’s to come out of Australia in years… over the top from down-under. Tom Voli, Gnarly Geezer Records, California USA

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