Genres and skills taught

Clyde has experience teaching a diverse range of music genres on both acoustic and electric guitars (lead guitar and bass). He covers rock, blues, country, folk, finger style, funk, jazz, metal, alternate, pop, reggae, prog-rock, and fusion.

Skills taught include rhythm, improvisation, composition, speed techniques, finger picking, harmony, transcribing songs, sight-reading, modal and functional theory explained, and applied theory.


When you call to arrange tuition we will find a time that fits both our schedules. Lessons are given once a week at the same time. Lessons are one-on-one and run for 30 minutes. Hour lessons are also available.

Lesson times:  Clyde teaches weekdays from 1 pm – 7 pm (other times may be available by arrangement).

Lesson policy: If you need to cancel for any reason please let Clyde know by midday on the day of the lesson – a make-up lesson can be scheduled. If you miss more than one lesson without notification, your lesson time slot may be forfeited.

Payment: Please make payment at the time of the lesson – cash is preferred. Direct debit is available if paying for two or more lessons and should be made in advance.

Tuition fees:  $30 – half hour session (individual).


Weekend Boot Camp:  Run on Saturdays (morning and afternoon) for advanced students – individual tuition, 2-3 hour intensive workout. Tailored to student needs. Lunch/smoko provided.   

Contemporary Rock, Country, Blues:  Clyde conducts intensive small-group workshops in these styles at various times throughout the year. Intensive learning with peers who are at a similar level is fun, reinforces knowledge and is a proven way to pick up skills faster.

Workshops can also be tailored to suit student requirements, for example: guitarists who want to increase their speed; a musician wanting to expand their composing skills; a group of seniors who are beginners or who want to rediscover guitar skills they once had.

  • Workshop format:  Workshops typically span 3 to 4 sessions. Each session runs for approximately 2 hours over a fortnight. This format gives between 6 and 8 hours of comprehensive tutoring. Clyde will develop the workshop based on student needs and all aspects will be discussed with you prior to commencement.

Workshops incorporate three stages:

  1. study of the genre, concepts and parts
  2. tune composition and arrangement
  3. rehearsal and recording