Zen and the art of guitar practice

I promised several Blogs ago to write about Guitar Practice. My Practice Schedule (PS) is my ‘Daily Prayers’.  I do it 4 days a week – Monday to Thursday, and time willing, sometimes on Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday.  It takes about 5 hours to get through the whole thing.  The PS I do is veryContinue reading “Zen and the art of guitar practice”

S.O.S – Save Our Solos!

One of the sure signs that a species is in decline is when you notice that there is no offspring. Where are our young Lead Guitarists? And where are the guitar solos? Through our own arrogance (as Lead Guitarists) we have become victims of hubris. Through our own arrogance we allowed our way of life as Lead Guitarists to become a competitive sport, rather than an artistic expression or emotion. And our competition was each other.